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miercuri, 23 martie 2011

Standing water text

First common familiar thing
Everybody notices about unicorns
Is that they are, basically, horses,
Ones extremely hard to touch,

Taking always their own decisions,
Owners of an obvius, restful beauty,
Strong, majestic and courageous,
Even hunted, they don’t loose.

Their serene eyes are designed that way
That the tears are not to cry.
Curious beings, they can approach sometimes
And, so kindly, you may even get kissed.

But it will be only on your drift hair,
Forehead, at most,
That is the only part of yourself
That an imposing horse can reach.

Unicorns do not have, necessarily, wings,
But they are experts in fixing that.
All their life, they take care to be loved
By so many different individualities,

So, when it will be the time to fly
Or to find the main gate in the sky,
They will wait catching up strings of trust
That they used to tie to the others, in the past.

Looking like being bound to a thousand kites of love!
So, the last thing: the mirror. They never had one.
They need you to lead to a clear standing water,
The only way to explain what exactly are them.

If one of those wonders will seem surprised
Seeing his image, below, in the pond,
You’ll know you’re the first one
That made him realize he’s an Unicorn.

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