cutie de împachetat realitatea

miercuri, 28 iulie 2010

Not afraid

Listen to me carefully, Manel,
Because I'm whispering it close to you...

Do not be afraid of me,
Not afraid at all.

Do you ever imagine the real reason why
I've choosen to jump through your eyes
And reach on the grass
In that incredible garden?

Oh, I was so astonished, so surprised!
I didn't expect to find Him so far abroad!

Oh, no, I didn't expect that at all!

I just thought that He's playing hide-and-seek
Only here, in my native town
Only behind my familiar faces...

But look, He's in you, too, so clear and so majestic
Hidden in her pure smile,

In her incredible power of love,

Or in her kindness and sincerity,

Preserved in the beauty, everywhere,
In the confidence of the strong minds and souls around me...

Especialy in you. Nesting in your uniqueness,
Waiting in your stunning perfection,
Kept in your glance's delicacy,
Held in sweet secret, yes, ...even to you!

That's the way I found Him so easily. From the third day.
From the day I started to cry and sing alone in the fields.
From the day I started to share my sadness to the others,
Masking it in music.

But... do you know, Manel, that wonderful passage from The Book
That tells about a journey
Of His people using a ship
While He choose to walk on the waves
To reach them?

It's gorgeous, because it is told that Peter
Shouted from the boat:
Oh, Lord, if it's realy You and not an illusion,
Command me to come to You, walking on the Water!

And He did that!

But Peter has lost the eye contact for a moment
And began to sink.
And cryed again: Oh, Lord, rescue me!

And He gave him His holly hand and saved him.

So. Now it's the same.
Do not be afraid of me.
I only contemplate that miracle happened and
I cannot stop to wonder about the place I discovered
The Person whose name is Love.

It's in you. Take care.

And it is the name too...
The coinciding name that your mother gave it to you...

And, Manel, do not be surprised if sometimes
I will cry for help, for the miracle hand.

And be sure that I will allways pray:
If it's realy You,
Command me to came to you crossing the waves!

Do not be afraid... because I will never come
Like all the others who wants to be near you,
I mean,
I will never come By boat!!!

Can you belive me?


miercuri, 21 iulie 2010


Hello, colorful treasures!!!

I just cannot wait Michael... or Friday... I still need to take pills to fall asleep because of you... so I decided to publish on my blog my first page in English. Colecting your powerful love and wonderful smiles from my inbox... and from my private album. I'll sent you all together, all received till now. I hope that will help. My night sleep, at least :)

Hi there,

thanks again for this wonderfull, wonderful, wonderful week
I hope I can keep up the energy, the friendship, the openness, the lightness
for every-day life
as I was facilitating,
I'll have to do my future-workshop on every-day life for myself
and get to a practical activity to imply to work on my future
hope to see the one or the other in that future

I still can't believe what our training happened to be
so much free floating productivity, shared and joint creative action and touching moments
breaking barriers of all kind
very good talks
life-transforming experiences and insights

I posted our video at facebook
and for those who are not at that platform
on youtube
if you don't like it to be public in that ways, tell me

all the best,
take care
don't forget about
nurishing your creative selves every day,


Hi Guys,

I wanted to write befoe the "real world" takes a hold of me again! Just a quick note to say I had a great time...and I'm missing you already. I had one of the best experiences of my life and you all played a part in that. I hope to know you all for a very long time!
Much love.........

Hi, Guys. Just noticing the flurry of facebook activity. I normally never log on but here we are all trying to cling on to last week. Its nice to feel that we can all have made such strong bonds over such a short time. I would go back and do it all again next week! If I win the lottery I'll be flying evryone to Dublin...already thinking of ways we can get together before the end of the year! Love you all...and missing you very much.

Good lord, I done gone and went soft!! Who'd have thought it possible?!? I'm away to pick on a colleague.....or something else mean.


I'm back home. Had a loooong sleep and slowly starts to realize, what an incredible week I had. And is inspired, to do more international projects like this. Being tired is nothing compared to the overall energy I get out of this past week. Thank you to all involved!


Hi you all accross Europe,

my coming back was a day of falling asleep whereever I sat/lied down J and then being thrown right back into my working life at home.

But now, as pictures are uploaded and all those touching emails keep flowing around, I keep smiling back at our last week. I’m happy that we managed to give you a setting to work in, to connect, to flow, to play with the creative self,… I loved the week as well. And I was amazed of all the great personalities amongst us. So nice to meet, work and spend time with people who have an overall similar idea of how life should/could work for all of us – with all it’s diversity.

Thanks for all the pictures, the feedback, the emails.


Hi guys,

I know, it's been already a week since we left, but it took my time to order my thoughts, the things I've learned and also to think about everything.
I used to be the person, who would think that the entire world is ruled by money. Well, of course it is, but on the other hand, we have the wealth in our heads, this what I learned this week.
I learned that observing and listening are sometimes the better options and that the own opinion is not always the right one, even if it's the easiest way to think about some things. I learned also that we all try to act out that everything is alright, but in some situations we should be able to show our feelings.
Also, and this might be the most important part, I've learned that people to make mistakes, and one of the sentences I won't ever forget is: The way, things happen, is the only way they could have happened.
This week made me think about an EVS again and it encouraged me, to really to a worldtrip, and I am sure that there are ways to do so, even without saving money for ages!

Thank you for everything, thank you for showing me that everything is possible, we just need to want it. And also every single of your personal lifestories encouraged me in my thoughts that we should do the things we really want to, with all heart and soul and we must not (and I really mean the must not, as forbidden! ;)) do things, just because other do so, or the others expect us to do them.

I would like you all to listen to a song by an austrian artist, which means a lot to me...
yes we have dreams, and we want them to come true, yes we will live, for these moments me and you...

Thank you for everything!
A big hug from rainy Salzburg (Salzburg is definitely crying because you guys left!!!)


Good Morning everyone J

I finally made it home ! I want to thank each and everyone of you for the great week I had. I think I’m just repeating what everyone has already said, it was a productive, creative week and the “right people” were there J !! I hope we all try and stay in contact because you are an amazing bunch guys! I would like to say a special Thanks to Barbara, Deirdre and Michael for bringing us together. Now I must head back into the real world….

Take Care xxx

Dear fellow creative unlockers,

As I have been wandering around Munich over the last two days, wonderful, gleeful thoughs of you keeping popping up. I've had a big smile on my face, and a giggle always on the edge. And as I wander and write, the learning from the last week is embedding, but still it is refusing to settle. New thoughts are emerging, new ideas are evolving. What we have all just gone through, seems to have stirred up a hopeful and warm part of my soul. Thanks to you all.

I sense some apprehension in these few emails of returning to 'reality', as we each in our own ways re-enter our daily lives, but for me at least, I know that I will be returning to an altered reality, one that has shifted, grown, expanded and made all the more vivid for meeting you all and learning with you. We entered the week as strangers but we left with bonds tighter than we could have imagined. We entered it not knowing, but be left it with new insights, understanding, and keys to further unlock the experience. Reality after all, is an ever evolving process, and with our experience we bring to it a fresh lens through which to carve our vision. Also, as we move away in a temporal sense from the week, I think we will find that the memories will continue to shape us and thus continue to shape our 'reality'. Think of the web of wool that we spun on our last day. That web is now just spread out in different ways; carried on our wrists and in our hearts. It is something that we can draw upon and tap into. It is something that, while invisible, can continue to shape and nourish us. True, what happened was rare- the bonds and friendship, the fun and frolics, but it has been so utterly life and hope confirming, adding new zeal and zest to our step that it will no doubt spark new action as our experience continues to unfold.
It's not over, after all, until it is over- and for me at least, it is just about to begin.

So, my new and wonderful friends- carry the memories, cherish the feelings, and most importanly, live the dream
Oh, and know that if any of you are ever passing through Dublin, there is a sofa with your name on it!
In awe, in gratitude, in deep wonder

Clare xx

Hi all!

Aren't you still feeling the whole week we spent together in your bodies?
Since Sunday I just have insights, reminds, smiles, pictures, faces, of the whole week, of all of you. Every email you send bring me again there. I was missing everyone and everything aswell, that was my micro-world for one week.
On Monday I had to go working early and I had a fast and busy (moreover rainy) day in Dublin, my workmates said me I looked different, but they didn't know how different. I already knew the week I spent with all of you had been something special, but from then I realised even more.
I'm still thinking in everything, hopping I will find the way to keep the energy, the love, the courage that all of you together brought me as long as possible.

Thanks again to be there, to have been part, to be still in me!

With love,


...and his story about, on his blog, here.

Hello all,

it's Lisa here, just thought I'd drop everyone a line to say hello.
I'm still thinking of ye all and often get the giggles at some of the memories from the week... Yes, and I am still singing 'Shiny, Happy People', Francesco.
I have even being practicing my hula hooping and have attached a few pics.. afraid I'm not as good as Manel and as you can probably see from my face I'm in a little bit of pain...
I got Clare's book, 'One Wild Life', and wow what a read it is. I'm actually savouring each interview and making notes, what inspiring people and actions and reflections.
I'm trying to write my weekly letter to myself, which I promised myself I would do each week. I've already forgotten twice but I started again today.
I am deep in the trenches of writing and choreographing my final performance piece for my dance MA and will try to upload it onto youtube when I'm done.
I just wanted to say thank you. I feel a strength from meeting ye all and already can feel a more focused creativity in my thoughts and work.
Enjoy the pics.
I would welcome warmly anyone who would like to come to Ireland any time, even ten years from now. For my irish friends, I'm around Dublin this Sunday and would love to see you if you were available.
Lisa x

Hey, guys,

so i am always the late!!!!
but i had my meta refelction and i just realized how this week was simply Great!!!!
for that, I want to thank all of you for moments, feelings, creativity, experience, happyness, fun, bikes , the lake, trains, the bed with Manolo, the crazy , LIPDUB, the little jewel Saltzburg and all.

In fact, all the best special people can live and produce together!!!

watching the pics and listening to this song

I can say

The red light of the sun,
slowly descending.
The sky is all I see,
it's never ending.

We could fly,
you and I.
On a cloud,
kissing, kissing.

MAybe too romantic but you know what I mean.

big hug and see you soon



Hi people,

I came home and felt a bit sad.. sad ´cos I have to enter reality again.. at least just a little bit ;-)
It was a great week, with a lot of fun, love, creativity and special people. Thanx to you all.
People always meet twice in life, maybe we should help destiny - does somebody want to develope a future -follow up creativity training where we all could meet again.. ?

Sometimes it´s easy to stay in contact, sometimes it´s difficult, however, I save my memories and all this special moment in my heart, I never will forget this week and all of you!!

Hope to see you again.

Best wishes and a big hug


Hi all,

Back at the desk and trying to acclimatise once more to the wild, wet and wind......and the weather isn’t great either......

Thank you to all you shiny, happy, laughing people for a magic week of real and meaningful creativity, from the non-verbal and physical, to the inter-personal and visual, embracing the diversity of all of us. I’ve taken back so many creative techniques – and anything that stops us getting complacent about the material we work with and the people we want to explore it with can only be good practice.

I’ve also taken home many new insights, new connections and new friends and as John Cage put it “I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones”.

Having the reflective space was such pure undiluted luxury for me......the venue, the climate, the facilities, the adventure, the environment, the mixture of chaos and order.........I loved it all.

I’ll say “slán libh agus beannacht” (good bye and blessings) and good luck to all of you in life and work.

Don't take life so seriously!

I don't care if you lick windows,

take the special bus

or occasionally pee on yourself..

You hang in there sunshine, you're special

Every sixty seconds you spend angry, upset or mad, is a full minute of happiness you'll never get back.

Today's Message of the Day is:

Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile..

Helen xxxx

Well, I miss you already! I had a brilliant time xxxxxxxxxxx!


Hii alll ,

a HUGEEE thanks to Michael for uploading the video,i love it :)))
also, having to go to work 2day and back to everyday-life, my soul and thoughts r still there @ the lake and the green plains,surrounded by all of you...
i hope (and BELIEVE it will happen) to meet someday,somehow ,hopefully soon as many of you as possible :)
10x for the unforgetable experience and refreshment & recharging :)

keep in touch :)

As my desk calls me back to work, everyone is being missed after a fun, fun week with lots of laughter and (sun) light :-) Big thanks for your great company, solidarity and affirmations on the trip ... remember to take good care of yourselves!


Yes it was an amazing week of mind and heart opening for me.....connections and friendships....keep going with your own flow ..... We will all meet again

Love and light


Hi, Maria & gang

thank you for taking time to include some of our training on your blog!
I am so so happy that the training was so successful..... the group was amazing and we had a very special time together!
A special thanks to Barbara for all her organisation around this training, finding us such a great location and for organising such great weather! And also to Michael for sharing his powerful creative tools!
And of course thanks to all the great participants who opened their hearts, minds & spirits to the process and contributed so deeply...... we could not have achieved so much without this!
love and hugs


I tried not to think too much, I went to my magic island, I started thinking about work and actually started working (thanks god Ale is doing it with me), for sure I feel more loving and felt so loved and filled with amazing flowers....
But honestly,
....Right now...
I miss you all (and the place) so much
that I still need to rebalance....

Hugs hugs hugs

Hi positive people!!

just starting realize i'm in my town...i have a lot of energy inside i can't stay 5 minutes sit on a chair....I'm thinking to all of you and how each of you gave me something i keep in my heart...i was not in my best mood in Seekirchen and i appreciated your sensibility to understand that.

I really hope to see you soon...THANK YOU to everybody, take care


Hello everybody! I realy miss you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that we will find a way to emerge into the fairytale again.......

Oh, you all are thinking so beautiful! Somebody has to keep and publish all theese dimonds !!! Thankyou for everything!!!!!!!

love, Maria

Hi there positive people,
power to the beautifully thinking,

this shared week with you has been one of my best training-experiences ever
still can't believe it - still carry the memories very concretly and physically with me
it seems that no daily duties can wash away this energy easily
thank you all for a grand deliberating time

as I am working on the documentation of our training,
I take up Maria's wish, to 'keep and publish all these diamonds'
so I decided to put in parts of your mails and facebook-messages as kind of a foreword
who else than our group-spirit should write on a foreword?

hugs to everyone out there
keep the spirit

the documentation will contain
- the programme-outline
- with information on all sessions,
- your documtation of the open-space-sessions
aditional scripts and papers on
- "The creative Lab" concept
- "Future Workshop" (Robert Jungk)
- "Theatre of the oppressed" (Augusto Boal)
- "Open Space Technology" (Harrison Owen)
- some photographs
- resouces and links
- and your evaluation,
which showes your thoughtfullness, sincerety
as well as it gives an insight into what happened in these days
plus very good hints, advices, ideas for future trainings
thank you also for that

if you would like to share some of your resources, concepts, links, thoughts, ideas
I don't have anything documented of the networking, future and future joint projects
could you send me which projects are out there to be develloped?

please write me in the next three days
I'd like to finish the documentation till friday/saturday
to send it out for you

missing you,
take care,