cutie de împachetat realitatea

vineri, 17 septembrie 2010

miercuri, 1 septembrie 2010

Rather sad story

It's not necessary to pack
to many things for the travel.
I know I'm gonna reach that nether world,
I cannot denie that I'm allready in...

In the same time,
a strong team of judgers is working hard
accusing and choosing
the precise place for me there.

It would be lovely
if it's possible for me to keep
as captive, just one object,
the only thing I've packed for my "ever":

An ancient beautiful poem,
one of the glorious David.
...Number 142 sounds bright,
I need to know it by heart.

It is allready said in the book
that any cry or any pray
will make no difference there,
all will be vanished in the air.

I know, I allready know that
it is told from the begining
that the sorrow in death
woun't count at all, nobody'll hear.

But ...having those lirics in mind,
like children which use to hold
their favorite pillow every night,
it would be so great!

It's only for me, for my joy,
to feel so good shouting The Name,
speaking with Somebody up there,
although remaining unheard.