cutie de împachetat realitatea

miercuri, 23 martie 2011

Standing water text

First common familiar thing
Everybody notices about unicorns
Is that they are, basically, horses,
Ones extremely hard to touch,

Taking always their own decisions,
Owners of an obvius, restful beauty,
Strong, majestic and courageous,
Even hunted, they don’t loose.

Their serene eyes are designed that way
That the tears are not to cry.
Curious beings, they can approach sometimes
And, so kindly, you may even get kissed.

But it will be only on your drift hair,
Forehead, at most,
That is the only part of yourself
That an imposing horse can reach.

Unicorns do not have, necessarily, wings,
But they are experts in fixing that.
All their life, they take care to be loved
By so many different individualities,

So, when it will be the time to fly
Or to find the main gate in the sky,
They will wait catching up strings of trust
That they used to tie to the others, in the past.

Looking like being bound to a thousand kites of love!
So, the last thing: the mirror. They never had one.
They need you to lead to a clear standing water,
The only way to explain what exactly are them.

If one of those wonders will seem surprised
Seeing his image, below, in the pond,
You’ll know you’re the first one
That made him realize he’s an Unicorn.

The unkiss

Thankyou for that special,
Unexpected, wonderful gift
Of the non-existent kiss.

I just found that, later,
I can use it as a shortcut
To find you.

It will be the only kind of ticket
To reach that place
Where I can see beauty again.

How to be always victorious

Thanks God
That in a battle against Him
I don't have any chance
To win!

How great it will sound

Could you please
Hug my name
With your voice
Once again?

Hearing it,
I’ll consider
That moment
My very first time.

joi, 17 martie 2011

You in the air

Having your hand in mine,
I feel dainty,
It’s like in the childhood,
Receiving a beautiful kite.

I'm so happy, looking up,
That the person
Who holds the thin string today
It’s right me!

I discovered that
I’m here not to keep you tight,
Not to give you directions,
But to release the thread

As much as you need
To get high.
And to run tireless in the fields
Taking care for you, not to crumble.

That way, my dear kite,
The “fall” in love
Should become
A Rise in love.

miercuri, 16 martie 2011

Aerul din Microcosmos

Dear blue tree

I'd like to find a way
To color you green
And brown and white
And healthy again

As I remember you
Long time ago.
I would try to stik
The thin leaf of me

On your old scar,
Right and tight,
Strengthen the bark,
Stopping night fight.

Healing your fear,
Make grief desappear.
So, hidden in stings
I'm waiting for springs.

joi, 10 martie 2011


It hurts.
I whisper it
As load as I can,
But nobody hear.

Hey, look!
This snake
Has been so bad
With me!

Let it be,
It opens in your pain,
In your body,
In your mind,

Little by little,
The door
For Me
To came in.

miercuri, 2 martie 2011

Beautiful couple

Hug your pain,
Hug and dance.

Do not crush it,
It's romance...

If it hurts,
You got the sense.

If it sings,
It's your chance.