cutie de împachetat realitatea

miercuri, 12 ianuarie 2011

luni, 10 ianuarie 2011


Today I just realised
What precisely all Latin languages
Intend to say
On every goodbye.

It shouldn't be a painful,
A desperate, an impossible blow
Or a supreme finish
Like it seems to be. No.

Nothing at all.
This saying is a cover for peace,
For hope, faith and power,
It's a Promise ...a good start.

Everywhere, "adios" are carrying
A burden of two hiden words:
A Diós. A Dio. A Déu. A Dieu.
A smile. A secret salutation.

An engagement between martyrs
Face to face with death,
A wish between people that realy can love,
Face to face with life.

The meaning is, as we can see,
"We'll met again, just trust it,
Not here, ever, but it will be upstairs,
For sure...we'll run in the Grass".

Mara B., age 4

Elis Regina