cutie de împachetat realitatea

duminică, 14 noiembrie 2010

Yasmin Levy

Tot pentru tine, cea care cauţi patrie în inima mea, dragă.

vineri, 5 noiembrie 2010

René, pentru tine

Poate îţi alung mâhnirea de azi dimineaţă.

joi, 4 noiembrie 2010

To a friend

I just realise, now,
What's wrong with your love, Al...

You hate too much.

miercuri, 3 noiembrie 2010

You Alien Fairy

The same as the necessity
of having a strong concept in mind
when you think, paint or teach
it's a brilliant thing to have an well-found concept
in heart, when you love.

If not, you fairy, my suffering fairy,
you'll spend day by day
playing with your own leaf,
the alien one I got yesterday for you,
in the wind of your thoughts...

Picking hopes from inside of you
confusing the purity that you use to create
with the blue similarities from the reality,
getting hurt by the comparisons,
looking for the warm shapes of leaves...

You fairy, my beautiful suffering fairy,
you're such a great mind!
So you know that you're the one
who gives form to the ideal...
and colours to the outline of the need.

I just draw a nude of words in my diary...
Of you, being the only one, dear alien fairy,
who discovered
that every empty dream
needs a lovely skin.